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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 7, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> lou: good evening, everybody. the president hasn't been in office quite a year, but already accomplished much more than any president in modern american history, defying the national media and dems and deep state and everywhere you turn, committee investigations go on. inspector generals going on with investigations and so, too, the special counsel, of course. but the entrenched dennisons of the demstate hold on to the power of the federal government and still make no mistake about
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it rule the swamp that is washington d.c. but there are positive developments. at least they seem so, for example, new reports that the department of justice has caved in to pressure from the white house and now reportedly reopening the investigation in to hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. about time you say? you're exactly right. but what is really happening? and who is winning the fight for truth, justice and the american way? chris fa rrell of judicial watch joins me to assess. amnesty. president trump meeting with six pro amnesty senators in the white house including one of the arct tects of gang of eight senator lindsay graham. we'll take up the reason the small band rhinos seem to want
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to lead the nation and a great contention between the president's base and the establishmentes of both political parties. our top story, the department of justice reportedly preparing a new investigation in hillary clinton's lengthy pattern of mishandling the national security and breaking the law, it is alleged. the focus on her use of a private e-mail server while servings secretary of state certainly amounts to evidence. it fall follows reports that congressional investigators do have evidencena the fbi believes that laws was broken and new information that former director comey leaked false documents. grassly has seen four classified memorandum. sxm he sent one of those to
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a professional friend of his to after the house firing. and the house reached a deal to provide records on the defused dossier and will have accesses to all records and witness including peter sauln and peter and lisa page and set to testify bfrp the committee this month. and a federal judge ruled that the house intelligence committee is entitled to fusion gps bank roerpds leaked to the funding of the dossier and considerable mischief in the so- called collusion scandal. our first guest reveals shocking new details revealing hillary clinton's system. the elicit system and identifying 18 classified emails found on anthony weiner's lap
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top. joining us now is chris farrell which filed a freedom of information request to release these documents. congratulations on all of the work the judicial watch is doing. they are not up classified documents. but classified at the time they were transacting on the e-mail server of mrs. clinton at home? >> that is correct, lou, and thanks. it is it important that that distinction be made. they were classified at the time they were produced and transmitted. they are not pretroactively classified as a smoke screen or red herring. they were classified when
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written and resident on the we upper lap top. >> lou: investigators knew that but did not share it with the public? >> i have a tidbit with grassly and the comey memo. >> lou: jump in any way you want. >> we have a sworn statement who was in the fbi, and in that sworn declaration mr. hardy said that all of comey's memos, all of them were classified at the time they were written and they remain classified and so the open question for mr. grassly, was it 4 of 7 or what time were they? >> no, we have a swarn declaration from the chief officer of the fbi they were classified at the time comey
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wrote them. >> lou: and should litigation come to that, that is determined in the case and give us clear understanding of the fbi as to the level of classification for all of those memorandum? >> it is also mes handling of national defense which is a crime. it is cheer that's mr. comey not only authored the documents but knowingly and willfully leaked them to persons that are authorized and is a national security crime. mr. comey should have been read his rights before the senate. loupe lou he's not been charged yet and who would be the charging party? the fbi itself. >> the attorney general would bring an indictment. but it would be conducted by the
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fbi. >> lou: and the fbi has to be furious that he has sullied the name of the storied agency, that he has led the fbi in its most politicalized, i think it is fair to say. one would have thought the jedgar hoover were highingly publicized but nothing like what touched the fbi in the obama years. >> the recently retired and active duty fbi agents told me that they consider comey to be a dirty cop. >> lou: and dirty cop and one that is pious. >> his tweets with bible verse and high qs or whatever else he is writing recently? >> the laudable photography that he committed out in the midwest.
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the list goes on. let's turn to the intel committee. i took it that te van nunez, chair of the house committee was actually the speaker paul ryan thumbed his nose at the chairman when he met with the head, with rod rosen stein to see what out is produced. your thoughts of how that demand for documents and tell has proseepeded and where it is going now? >> well, yesterday's event where director ray and deputy rosenstein to meet with the speaker was a staged event and all very deliberate.
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and chairman nunez was treated poorly in my view. he was excluded from the meeting and that was an insult to the man who issued the subpoenas in the first place. >> lou: and an insult to the man whose committee produced more compelling evidence knocking down the collusion allegations and nonsense that we have had to endure for sometime and this administration has had to endure. heap has created real result and shared to the public at this point. they stefsh not to be insulted by the speaker. >> he was unjustly smeared by the ethic's complaint and the speaker negotiates an agreement and purportedly all shows up
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there. it is a head scratcher and i am not convinced of what was done. but excluding the chairman that issued the subpeona was a gross insult to him. and they are all on board now. and there was sudden negotiation about that. >> lou: and shame on the speaker for his conduct and his attitude. he aligned himself with the deep state for 24 hours and the administrative state represented by rosensteen and others in the top of justice. it is sickening. we'll turn to grassly and the point of the seven memos of domies. if they are all in classified why aren't charges forth coming and the justice department moving against the former fbi
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director? >> it is another case of disparity of treatment under the law. laws are for the little people and any federal employee who generated seven classified memo and leaked a number much them would be hammered. the sale of the submarine that the president spoke of. it is insulting to the people in law enforcement and intelligence community. they know how they would be treated and the notion of equal justice under the law is harmed in every day that slides back. >> lou: you know mark meadow and tim jordan, two distinguished republican on capitol hill demand jeff sessions do its duty or get out of the office. the practicality can that happen
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and should it happen? >> i am glad they join me. on the 15th of november i said the same thing to you on air and they may be slow getting to the point but i am glad they have. while i respect mr. sessions personally, he's been neutralized and he needs to step up the game and take affirmative action in and reassure the public and president he will be tough on law breakers or get out of the way. >> lou: should the president fire him? >> i don't know that firing is the immediate task. >> lou: someone needs to run the justice department that is not aligned. rod rosenstein is aligned. and many in the fbi and justice department and we know their names now. and that place needs to be cleaned out. the top floor of the fbi and the
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justice department? >> you are correct. it is it ripe with subversion and there needs to be, i don't want to call a ultimatium. that is too strong much a word. it needs a heart-to-heart. take open a gleszive law enforcement action or get out of the way. >> lou: thank you for being with us. and good interesting counsel. we'll be right back with more, stay with us. the president committed to building the wall and putting an end to chain mi dpragz. >> we are going to have a wall. and legislation must end chain migration. it must end the visa lottery. >> lou: we'll discuss the it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them.
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for a store near you. >> lou: president president today discussing immigration reform in a meeting with six rhino republican senators, most of them were rhino and many of whom back legislation to grant amnesty to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants. but the president stood firm saying no deal on daca without
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major concessions on critical items on his immigration agenda. >> any legislation on daca must secure the border with a wall, it must give our immigration officers resources they need to stop illegal immigration and also stop visa overstay and legislation must end chain migration. >> lou: joining me now is ed rollins, the white house political director under president reagan and fox contributor and great america. >> the president is absolutely right. security part is what we need. and letting more people is not the secret. democrats want daca to be extended and they have to give something up. and security is very important. >> lou: it is strange, the president campaigned on the wall. >> absolutely. >> lou: he didn't campaign on
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daca. and heap's talking with six no maim or very little name republicans who have with the exception of the chair of the judiciary committee no chair man ships. it is a strange moment. >> we have had two presidents, both bush and obama who had majorities of their own party and wanted immigration reform and could not get the security part done. and trump has to do just what he did. >> why are those folks in the office with the president? >> i have no idea. >> lou: it is particular. this is a 4 or 5 number minority. >> i want guys who promise to fulfill the security requirements that the president campaigned on and the wall is not just a symbol. it is a battle for the security
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of borders. >> lou: i love that the people talk about the wall can be anything. symbolic. the president didn't talk about a symbolic wall. you were there. it was clear. when president reagan signs ammesty in 1986, what was his regret >> doing the amnesty bill. and the part of letting people in and be citizens here illegally was completed, but the part that was not come completed was the. >> and fast forward to bill clinton. every ten years you try to get something done on this. same thing. they sold out the border and sovereignty of the country for
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cheap labor and make no mistake. it is all driven by the need of corporate america particularly for cheap labor. >> and every one of those young people under daca came in as illegals when the law was in existence. >> how many are there? >> 800000. i have no idea. lou lie they are lying through their teeth and distorting the numbers and saying they only applied for 300000 jocks. evens schumer is talking about deadlines, there are 300000 of those who signed up under daca who have until november to work out their visas. and so there is no deadline in march or heard. >> you don't want to confuse the budget noeshgszs and temdems have the gun to the head and in
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the end. he can say get the budget and things that are important right now. >> lou: help mean out on something. what was the last bill that the democrat voted for in the house or senate under president trump? >> i don't know of any. >> lou: so what is the conversation. >> probably a post office for a democrat in the country. >> lou: they would be careful about that. with the judge demanding that fusion gps turn the roerpds over to the house and ways excitee. it means that the federal government may be home to at this time sovereignty power of the nation? >> i hope it isn't. >> lou: it has proprietary and power over a smear merchant much fusion gps. >> the story needs to be told who the sponsors were and money coming for. good. >> lou: we can't wait to see that. >> thank you.
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focused on upsetting pot heads than defending the president and nation from deep state subversion. i have long called for has resignation. and in sessions intended to recuse himself from the russia probe before being appointed attorney general he is resign. momentum is growing. mark meadow and jim jordan calling for session size to go now citing justice department leak and conflicts and adding quote it would appear he has no control of the premier law enforcement agency in the world. house intelligence community devon nunez said the doj and fbi needs to be investigating themselves. despite the deal made last night and today over the justice department and documents and witnesses pert nept to the
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dossier. sessions hasn't been entirely at rest. the justice department is taking a fresh look at hillary clinton's private e-mail server and they should be embarrassed that they ever, ever fail would to take up that investigation and indeed prosecution. the attorney general last month directed justice officials to look into the fbi's uranium one investigation at long last. but it is simply too late from's man who is not doing his job and not fighting for the president who appointed him. he has to at this point, he seemed to at least retired altogether as a public servant. the american public deserves a full throated attorney general working for them and their president. and the quotation of the evening f. you do not change dreshgz. you may end up where you are
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heading. president trump pledging great support for the people of iran as they take to the streets to protest their corrupt regime. we'll discuss the unrest in iran and the sanctions against iran with general jack keane. and 23 from all over the world got together to take over the sky in formation. we'll show you their performance from 13000
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i>> lou: president trump today expressed his support for iranian demonstrators o're protesting the country's oppressive regime. such respect for the people of iran as they try to take back their corrupt government. you will see great support from the united states in the appropriate time. 21 people were killed and hundreds more arrested in a week of protest. north korea's relationship with south korea may be warming a bit. the kim regime opened the border hot line with south korea, first time it was opened. and it comes day after kim jong-un discussed easing military tension ahead of the winter olympics.
7:35 pm
joining us is jack keane chairman for the institute. happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you. >> lou: i was stunned to hear various members of the obama administration suggest to president trump and his advisors that they not say anything about it is street demonstrations in iran. >> the fact they were quiet in the summer of 2009 when 3 million people demonstrated in iran. and first public of protest against the islamic state and the fact that we did not support that and no moral clarity. i was embarrassed as an american. and these are apologyist for that policy statement. president trump has done the right thing. we have moral clarity on the issue. this is a repressive regime and a regime that has taken the
7:36 pm
money that they have and used that money to advance the foreign policy on lebanon, syria and iraq and yemen. and their citizens resent it and they are frustrated and unemployment is off of the charts and gas line and fuel prices and what impress says me about the protest, it's not the urban elite in teheran that protest over the stolen election. this is cutting through the political social contours of the entire state. >> lou: widespread? >> very widespread and cuts across the socio-economic lines. it may not cause the regime to come down. but they will not be able to put it back easily. >> lou: turning to north korea. where we have a two state
7:37 pm
peninsula which is the strategy for the united states and china for the past 50 years, really. the idea that kim jong-un is suddenly making overtours to south korea is some sort of an attempt to frustrate president trump, i am just anxious to get your analysis of it. >> they are taking out a chapter of the old playbook. in the past with previous presidents, they have gone to the negotiating table and they are buying time and advancing their technology. and feel pressure here. gas line and gas stations are closed and evidence of the two soldiers that came across the border. they were malnourished and they had bacteria infections as well. we don't have a lot of information to be sure, but the
7:38 pm
reality seems to be an economic squeeze taking place. we don't know if russia and china has a back door helping north korea but intelligence services have a grip on that. >> lou: and pictures of chinese oil being off loaded from chinese vessels to norths korea. speaking of clapper, it was the outspoken statements of three hundreds of agencies. cia, and nsan and mdi. james clapper. he is now saying that the trump administration should accept a nuclear north korea and that it would be a fool's errand to do otherwise. your reaction? >> it is grossly for a u.s. official who claims to be one to make a statement. that was obama's policy.
7:39 pm
he said that military option was on the table he never intended to use it. including kim jong-un believes in his own mind we accepted 2005 nuclear weapons and he has nubbingarized icbm's that the united states will accept it. the problem is, that was true under obama and previous presidents as well. but not true under the president. he will not do it and here's why. it is not just nuclear icbm's pointed in the united states. it is miniature war hundreds that could be given to iran and makes the world a dangerous place and this president is standing up against that danger not only for the security of the american people and what it means for humanity. military option on the table and
7:40 pm
that will strengthen the economic diplomatic action that is taken to date and much more that will be done. >> lou: people like james clapper advising presidents like obama and now facing president trump with the resolution. great to see you. >> thank you. >> lou: roll the video and watch this group of wing suit ors unite over florida. they are flying in sync to create a spectacular aerial display. that is extraordinary. first of all wing suits are efficient to let them do that. i wouldn't trust that idea for a moment. stay with us. the trump administration suspending all security aid to
7:41 pm
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gentleman loupe loupe red storm rising. chinese president telling his soldiers to go for war. and president chi urged his army to strengthen combat training and not to fear death. he recently reshuffle the the government to make himself the most powerful chinese leader. want trump administration suspended all security aid to pakistan. more than a billion dollars of assistance will be frozen. and it could be lived if pakistan does more to fight terrorist groups which they have done veryingly since september 11th, 2001. joiningny is the ambassador. and starting with pakistan, this president again doing what none of the predecessors had to guts
7:46 pm
to do. which is to deal honestly with the imperical reality of pakistan that is part of the problem as the solution. >> happy new year. the president ignores the absurd theory and views of so- called, lite that got us in the pass that we have been. and cuts to the chase and calls things as they are. we have given billions of dollars to u.s. aide for what? we'll remember one salient point. osama bin laden, the mastermind much 9/11 was found living less than a mile and half of pakistan equivalent of west point. that doesn't happen without the pakistan regime. this is not about casting aspersions on pakistan. but the government is corrupt
7:47 pm
and many have been in bed with the taliban and jihadist. >> lou: in iran. not since 2009 have we seen demonstrations in iran more broad plea now than then. this president offering aid to the people of iran rather than sitting on his hands as a president obama did in a number of obama officials including susan rice, counselling the trump administration to be quiet as the people of iran express their desire for freedom and to throw off the subpregz. >> yeah, i am sure susan rise and ben rhoeds and obama would like us to be quiet about the
7:48 pm
$200 billion which they used to suppress their own people and now the brave iranians are standing up. and the president is not invading foreign countries, but he will stand up for their right and five them moral and spiritual support and more in terms of the capacity to communicate with each other. we have 40 million smart phones in iran and that helps to organize the resistance and dictators. >> lou: it is getting very little coverage by the national left wing media. it is stunning. >> this is a regime that exploited terrorism across the globe from yemen to latin america. it is a classified thing and google hesbollah cells and now iran is overextended they have
7:49 pm
to make a decision. pull back the forces to protect the regime or keep them out there and potentially have an uprising inside of iran. and the fact that the mainstream media will not cover it speaks to how much they colluded with the last administration. >> lou: a quick thought as we conclude. steve bannon appears to have committed political suicide. broadcasting and financial suicide for breitbart with his extraordinary insult to the president and his family. what are your thoughts? >> first things first. michael wolf, is a political hack. even tony blair said he lied about the quotes that he mutt in
7:50 pm
tony blair's mouth. steve has to step up to the plate and say is what wolf said true or not. >> lou: the fact that he has not spoke about that speaks volumes and it would for most americans. >> i think everyone drawing the requisite conclusions. >> lou: carefully said. i expect no less. please roll the video and watch this night sky over the frefrp alps. and using a custom winged out fit. it took him seven months to precare the dazzling lied show in the french alps. >> not a bad way to ski. and up next. keith ellison.
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7:55 pm
and obama corruption and collusion and 73 percent think that this is the year for truth, justice and american way. how about that? and deputy dnc chair keith ellison under fire for signaling his support for a left wing extremist group on twitter. he posted a selfie holding a copy of the antifa hand book that should strike fear in the heart of donald trump. it is clear that the congressman has no sense of porportion or understand the president very well at all and antifa is been responsible for violent demonstrations and considered to be a domestic fers terrorist group for the department much homeland security and fbi. so far twitter has made no move to ban congressman ellison as they have for congressman who
7:56 pm
express support for right wing groips. joining me is molly hemmingway and national spokes person. niger epiis. and happy new year to you both. molly starting with you. keith ellison, what is his problem? >> he said the book should strike fear in the heart of donald trump but it should all americans. it has a chapter arguing against the freedom of speech and calls for violence against those who you don't agree with and calls for radical soernlism. so he's right but not as he intended. >> lou: niger? >> keith ellison has the largest somali- american population in the country and on the cutting edge of what should be assimulating muslim and immigrants to our country and
7:57 pm
nevertheless contrary of assimulating them to being good americans, he's reflecting being a role model of radical americans that puts fear in the minds of most mainstream americans. loupe lou i love the fact that he is vice chair of the democratic national committee. >> go figure. >> lou: that tells us about him and the democratic national committee as a party and what they face. and turning to daca. suddenly a priority, molly. they have six's and eight's associated with amnesty and the white house. and with the exception of you know, john cornyn and the chair of the judiciary committee chuck grassly. this is a group of no name senators who are suddenly negotiating on daca and amnesty.
7:58 pm
>> what matters is that they get a good negotiation. >> lou: woah. what matters. who the heck is negotiate something >> the end result needs to be serious changes to the immigration policy. >> lou: says who? >> we currently have random people allowed in. and needs to be matched up with the needs of the country and end chain migration and go to a merit based policy. people are talking about the daca fix but not talking about how to change things so we don't have many more millions coming here illegally. >> lou: and as a talked about 1986 under president reagan and 1996 under president clinton. ammesty in both cases and the no border security and result is a huge number of illegal
7:59 pm
immigrants living here in this country and through chain migration witnessing more. >> we need a reimagination of the immigration. and america first immigration policy that doesn't just focus on the interest and needs of those who would want to be americans or legal in our country, but how it benefits the american citizen and american worker. >> lou: i got to ask you, wait a minute. i understand how it benefits the immigrant coming to our country and getting welfare and education, and what have you, but it is called a utility in economics, when one set of beneficiaries exist ie corporations bringing in cheap labor and consumers, but how do the citizens and tax pay ares benefit? >> that's just if. it is not about benefitting the
8:00 pm
american people. it is providing a sense of global. >> lou: we are at the end of the show and we'll continue the discussion. >> will do. 4:00. welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul grigot. president trump as republican leaders are planning the path forward for 2018 meeting this weekend at camp david as a budget deadline and potential government shutdown loom. earlier this week the president hosted a group of gop senators at the white house amid efforts to reach a compromise on immigration and border security. efforts the president says he hopes will be bipartisan. >> we have a great spirit going in the republican party. i think it can be bipartisan. i hope it's going to be


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